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Dryer Vent Measurements

Measurements are taken during the diagnostic inspection performed by our technicians to assess the airflow and static pressure (back pressure) in the dryer vent system.

Airflow Measurement

Restricted or reduced airflow in the vent system can be both a cause and an effect of dryer vent problems. Low airflow in a dryer vent is commonly caused by an improper vent connection or vent routing, lint buildup, wall caps, birds’ nests, or other blockage. This can cause a host of issues including longer drying times, greater energy use, and increase the amount of lint that accumulates in the line.

Static Pressure Measurement (Back Pressure)

High static or back pressure in the dryer vent can reduce the amount of air allowed to escape the dryer during the drying cycle. This can then cause a number of problems including decreased efficiency and excessive wear on clothing.
Dryer Vent Wizard’s expert technicians will use specialized equipment to measure airflow and static pressure in the dryer vent system, allowing us to provide the most effective service to make your dryer safer and more efficient based on our findings.
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