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How Should I Maintain My Dryer and Its Vents?

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), close to 15,000 house fires are caused by dryers. The association attributes these fires to clogged dryer vents. So, even as you enjoy your dryer’s service, ensure it’s adequately maintained to avoid costly fire incidents. This article shows how to maintain your dryer and vents.

Why You Should Clean Your Dryer Vents

Dryers have built-in traps that catch lint from clothes. This lint passes through the trap and gets stuck in ductwork and vent. If you don’t clean your dryer vents and ductwork, this lint and debris will clog the system, preventing hot air from escaping. The dry lint may catch fire when it comes in contact with the hot air from the dryer.

Clogged dryer vents will also block the free flow of air from the system, forcing the hot air to back up. This affects the performance of your dryer, and it causes it to overwork, resulting in overconsumption of energy. Eventually, you’ll see a steady increase in your monthly utility bulls. When the performance of your dryer is affected, it will take longer to dry clothes, and it may result in damp or scorched clothes. But you can avoid these problems by regularly cleaning your dryer and its vents.

Important Dryer Maintenance Tasks

Replacing Broken Dryer Vent Covers

Your dryer vent covers are installed outside to prevent debris, bugs, and water from entering the vent. If the vent covers are broken, they will get blocked by the elements, which will affect the efficiency of your dryer. Check your dryer vent covers routinely to see if they’re broken, and replace them immediately.

Wrong Ductwork

Make sure your ductwork is installed correctly to avoid complications in the future. If you bought the house with the wrong ductwork, replace it immediately. Your ductwork is faulty if it has low-quality materials or complicated hoses that allow lint spaces to accumulate. For instance, if the dryer ductwork contains PVC hoses or accordion-style mylar foil tubes, replace them with rigid metal ducts directly connected to the exterior vents.

Check Ducts for Dead Pests

If your vent covers are broken and pests find their way into the vent or ductwork, they’ll eventually die due to excess heat and lack of fresh air. Therefore, always check your dryer vents and ducts for dead pests.

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