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Excess Pet Hair on Clothing

Is my pet’s hair affecting my dryer?

The truth about our furry friends: their hair is a fire hazard! Homes with pets have a higher risk and frequency of dryer vent obstructions due to pet hair. Drying items that collect pet hair such as pet bedding, clothing, blankets, and towels can increase the risk of a clogged dryer vent and restrict airflow. Excess accumulation of pet hair can build up and coalesce with lint, creating larger obstructions in the vent line. For this reason, pet hair poses an increased fire risk and decreases dryer efficiency.
Is pet hair bad for my dryer? Manufacturers recommend that dryer vent systems are inspected and cleaned once per year; however, homes with multiple pets should have their dryer vent cleaned more frequently. If you see an excessive amount of pet hair on the lint trap or screen or if pet hair remains on clothing after the drying cycle, your pet’s hair may be building up within the dryer vent system and causing a fire hazard.
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