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Hot Dryer & Hot Clothes

Why are my clothes so hot after drying?

Hot clothes or a hot dryer at the end of a cycle is an indication that the dryer vent is not functioning properly. One of the most commonly occurring warning signs we see in homes and businesses is a dryer that gets too hot or clothes that are hot at the end of a drying cycle. This symptom can be caused by a number of dryer vent related issues including clogs and obstructions, improper vent system configuration, unsuitable ventilation materials, or faulty vent joints or seals. These problems can all result in an increased risk of dryer fire and exhibit warning signs such as hot clothing or a hot dryer.
What should I do if my dryer is hot to touch? Dryer Vent Wizard employs expert technicians who can inspect and diagnose your dryer vent system to find the solution that will make your dryer safer and more effective. A hot dryer is often a result of inadequate airflow in the dryer vent system, which can be corrected with our professional dryer vent cleaning if caused by an obstruction or clog. If the warning sign is manifesting due to another complication such as unsuitable ventilation materials, our technicians will repair or reroute your dryer vent system as needed using the ideal materials and configuration for your system.
If your dryer is hot to the touch while running, or if the dryer or clothing are hot after the cycle has ended, call us today or request an appointment to schedule service and let the experts find and fix the problem!

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