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What Are The Different Kinds of Dryer Vents?

The U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established that faulty dryers cause at least 15,000 house fires occurring in the country annually. One of the reasons why your dryer might cause a fire has clogged vents. So, as you run your dryer, always check its vents for lint and debris build-up.

You should also ensure that your dryer has the proper vents to prevent regular clogging. But what are the different types of dryer vents? Read on to learn more about the market’s most effective types of dryer vents.

Types of Dryer Vent Tubes

A dryer vent is a tube that runs from the dryer unit to the exterior of your house. It’s responsible for removing muggy air from the dryer. Your clothes will take longer to dry if the humid air doesn’t have an escape route. The dryer vent determines your dyer’s effectiveness. Here are the most common types of dryer vents.

Rigid Vents

Rigid dryer vents are usually made of rigid metal tubes, and their interior surfaces are very smooth to prevent lint build-up. Modern rigid dryer vents are typically made of aluminum metal because of their smooth texture. Their rigid nature makes the installation process challenging because you can’t bend them. The only elbows for rigid vent ducts are 45 and 90-degree bends.

Semi-Rigid Vents

A semi-rigid dryer vent is a little flexible, allowing you to bend it during installation. However, it’s not as flexible as the aluminum foil duct, and it falls between the rigid aluminum vent and the loosey-goosey aluminum foil vent. A semi-rigid dryer vent takes longer accumulating lint than plastic or flexible aluminum foils. However, it costs more to purchase and install.

Flexible Dryer Vents

A flexible aluminum dryer vent is usually made of aluminum foil. It’s lightweight and versatile. You can bend it however you want during installation. But turning it severally creates joints that will catch a lot of lint. Therefore, try as much as possible to connect it directly to the indoor and outdoor points of connection. Maintaining a flexible dryer vent is pretty taxing because it must be cleaned regularly to remove lint. Reports also indicate that adjustable dryer vents are responsible for most house fires, especially if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

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